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Senator Ted Cruz Lays Out Victory Plan For 2014/2016

Aug 11th, 2014 | By
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was in Ames, Iowa over the weekend to give a keynote speech at the Family Leadership Summit of social conservatives. Cruz told the crowd that he had recently left Washington, D.C. and was glad to be back in America. He told his audience that they can only succeed if they’re not being “namby-pamby, not giving in to the ways of Washington.” He said “We need to stand for life, we need to stand for marriage, we need to abolish the IRS. We need to repeal Obamacare.”

Senate Candidate James Lankford Reacts To Obamacare Slap Down By D.C. Court

Jul 23rd, 2014 | By
Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) is running for the Senate in 2014.

“Today’s D.C. Circuit Court decision should remind this President and his Administration that Congress writes the laws, not the Executive Branch.

“In July 2013 Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt testified before the House Oversight Subcommittee I chair to vocalize state concerns with IRS’s potentially unlawful action regarding state subsidies. The Obama Administration’s rewrite of the law has introduced even greater uncertainty into the health insurance market and may lead to higher premiums in 2015 and beyond as well as hundreds of billions of dollars in unauthorized federal spending. IRS’s unilateral policy change did not pass the ‘smell test’ then, and things haven’t exactly improved at the scandal-plagued IRS since then.

Lt. Col. Joni Ernst Gives GOP Weekly Address

Jul 14th, 2014 | By
Joni Ernst is running for the U.S. Senate from Iowa.

“The problem with America today is that Washington is full of liberals who think government is the solution to every problem. They think that nothing can be solved unless Washington is involved,” she said. “And so they grow our government, every year making it more intrusive and more involved in our lives. Today, government tells us what doctors to see, what kind of light bulbs to use, and in some places, even how much soda we can drink.”

Congressman King: Congress Currently Powerless Against Obama

Jul 7th, 2014 | By
Congressman Steve King (R-IA).

“Congress can’t rein the president in. When he breaks the law or ignores the Constitution, he has basically told Congress, ‘I will do it myself and if you don’t like it, sue me.’ Speaker Boehner has a long list of violations if the House passes a resolution giving him the right to bring suit.”

Senator Tim Scott Encouraged By Hobby Lobby Decision

Jul 7th, 2014 | By
Senator Tim Scott and William Murray

“Today’s ruling is an important decision that advances religious freedom in our country. I am pleased that the Supreme Court upheld all Americans’ rights to be guided by their faith, both in their personal lives and in their professional ones. This decision is also another example of the Supreme Court’s rebuke of the Obama Administration’s continued quest to overstep their power while trampling religious freedom in our country.

Forbes: Supreme Court Decision Landmark

Jul 1st, 2014 | By
Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA).

“Religious freedom is the cornerstone of a free society, and every American—regardless of whether we are religious—should be concerned when the government attempts to restrain free exercise. We live in a country whose laws respect freedom and diversity, and today the Supreme Court affirmed the Constitution’s strong protections for all Americans to live and work by their convictions. Freedom of conscience can include nothing less than the way a person lives all aspects of his or her life. As a nation, our laws must encourage and support, not penalize, citizens who seek to adhere to their moral convictions.”

SCOTUS: Americans Don’t Surrender Their Freedom When They Open a Family Business

Jun 30th, 2014 | By

Anthony Hahn, the president and CEO of Conestoga Wood Specialties, one of the companies challenging Obamacare’s contraception mandate, said his legal battle wasn’t for his company alone.

“We wholeheartedly affirm what the Supreme Court made clear today — that Americans don’t have to surrender their freedom when they open a family business. All Americans, including family business owners, must be free to live and work according to their beliefs without fear of government punishment.”

Hahn said for his family and like-minded Americans, the government must respect “our freedom not to participate in the distribution of drugs and devices that can cause an abortion.”

The 5-4 opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, says the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) prohibits the government from substantially burdening a person’s exercise of religion.

Sen. Inhofe Welcomes SCOTUS Ruling Against Obama

Jun 27th, 2014 | By
Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK).

“The President knew his controversial nominees did not have the support needed to pass the Senate. He took matters into his own hands and ignored the will of the people, much like he has done on a number of other issues during his Presidency from costly cap-and-trade regulations to the rollout of ObamaCare. This ruling serves as a reminder that the Constitution will always govern this land and must be respected, even by the President.”

IRS Traps Small Businesses In Obamacare Mess

May 28th, 2014 | By

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the IRS, which is charged with overseeing enforcement of Obamacare, has issued a rule that bans small businesses from paying their employees a sum of money to go on to the Obamacare health exchanges. Small business owners were facing outrageous increases in health care costs because of Obamacare, so they figured they could survive by shifting their employees to the exchanges.

Nebraska GOP To Vote On Senate Candidates May 13

May 12th, 2014 | By
Ben Sasse wins GOP primary for Senate in Nebraska!

Tomorrow, Republicans will be going to the polls to pick a GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate.

GING-PAC has endorsed Ben Sasse, a non-career politician to serve in the U.S. Senate. He’ll be running against Democrat Michelle Nunn in the general election in November.