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Sen. Rubio Campaigns For Joni Ernst In Iowa

Aug 4th, 2014 | By
Joni Ernst is running for the U.S. Senate from Iowa.

“Joni [Ernst] would help us retake the Senate, but she’s a special candidate. I wish we had 10 Joni Ernsts running around the country. She’s a unique candidate, has incredible credibility when it comes to service to our country—both in uniform and here in the state of Iowa, and we need to send her to the United States Senate. I’m just imploring the people of Iowa to do everything they can to send her to the U.S. Senate.”

Congressman Goodlatte Chairs Hearing On IRS Targeting Scandal

Aug 1st, 2014 | By
Obama has used the IRS as a weapon against Christian and conservative groups.

“… there is clearly a conflict of interest between Justice Department investigators and this Administration. The Administration’s statements and actions have repeatedly served to undermine the Department’s investigation. The fact that President Obama pre-judged the investigation by saying there was ‘not a smidgen of corruption,’ and the fact that unnamed Department officials leaked information to the media designed to undermine the investigation, has made it impossible for the Department to conduct a fair, unbiased investigation. Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that there is no conflict, there clearly exist ‘other extraordinary circumstances’ called for in the regulations.”

Congressman Jim Jordan On Fox To Discuss Latest IRS Revelations

Aug 1st, 2014 | By
The smug Lois Lerner knows she's going to be protected by Obama. She may be surprised.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), who sits on the House Oversight And Government Reform Committee, was on Fox News last night to discuss Lois Lerner’s profanity-filled emails against conservative and Christian organizations.

Senator Cruz Critical Of House Border Security Bill

Jul 31st, 2014 | By
Illegals captured along our southern border. How many are from terror states?

“The evidence shows that the amnesty President Obama announced in 2012 is driving record numbers of immigrants to enter our nation illegally,” said Sen. Cruz. “Because of President Obama’s amnesty, children are being abused and exploited by dangerous drug cartels and transnational gangs. We must put an end to any expansion of this amnesty that puts countless numbers of vulnerable individuals, both immigrants and U.S. citizens alike, at risk.

Congressman Smith Denounces Hamas Rocket, Tunnel Attacks

Jul 31st, 2014 | By
Hamas terrorists are raining down rockets on civilians in Israel.

“The facts on this round of Hamas attacks were clear from the start and follow a long-established pattern,” said Smith, a senior member of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and co-chair of the Bi-Partisan Anti-Semitism Task Force. “It’s high time our government sent a much more powerful and unambiguous message: that the U.S. fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself. The administration should emphasize that Israel’s actions in its own defense are legal, that they are right, and that the U.S. stands with Israel, without any ‘ifs,’ or ‘buts,’ or ‘so long as,’ or any other qualifiers.”

Trey Gowdy May Call Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi Cover Up!

Jul 30th, 2014 | By
Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) heads up the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which is scheduled to hold hearings beginning in September. Gowdy recently gave an exclusive interview to Fox News over his intent to call key witnesses – including Hillary Clinton – over the widespread cover up of why the State Department refused to send help to the Americans who were under attack at our consulate facility in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12.

Illinois Rifle Association Slams Eric Wallace’s Opponent In House Race

Jul 30th, 2014 | By
Dr. Eric Wallace is running for Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s House seat.

Eric Wallace, a black conservative publisher who is running for the House seat held by Jesse Jackson, Jr. received some encouraging help recently from the Illinois State Rifle Association. The 2nd Amendment group slammed Wallace’s opponent, Robin Kelly, who formerly served in the Illinois House of Representatives. Kelly is an enemy of the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry Stands With Iraqi Christians In Mosul

Jul 28th, 2014 | By
Islamic terrorists marching victoriously through a city in Iraq.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) takes to the floor of the House of Representatives to describe the plight of Christians in Mosul, Iraq who are being systematically killed or driven from the homes by Islamic State terrorists. All of this carnage is taking place while Obama goes fundraising, plays golf, or sends “humanitarian aid” to Hamas terrorists in Gaza, while Hamas is raining rockets down on civilians in Israel.

GING-PAC Lawmakers Push ‘Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act’

Jul 28th, 2014 | By
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert are pushing for passage of the “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.”

The Act is designed to correctly designate the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamic terrorist group. Once this is done, individuals who provide material support for the MB can be arrested and tried for terrorist activities.

Sen. Inhofe Praises Release Of Sudanese Christian And Her Family

Jul 25th, 2014 | By
Meriam Ibrahim and her American husband.

“Meriam and her family have been on a long journey over the past year, and I am encouraged to hear that they are together, safe, and free,” said Inhofe. “Meriam’s story reminds us that there are still many areas of the world where religious intolerance and persecution are not only alive but are being instigated by government leaders. My wife Kay and my prayers remain with Meriam and her family, as well as those around the world who desire to practice their deeply held faith peacefully and freely but are threatened with imprisonment, disownment, or even death.